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Welcome to my little corner of the internets. We talk all sewing, fabric and historical costuming here. I am Ella, a 31 year old Swiss lady with an interest in fashion history, history, old movies (yes, the silent ones) and cats. 

In my Home live:


69 Bats


1 Cat


1 Boyfriend

On my blog you can find my sewing journey through my different projects. I am neither a professional sewist, nor do I have a deep knowledge in fashion history. But I am working on both and if you want to come along on this ride, you’re welcome to do so. 

Sewing Facts

Sewing since:

since I was a child





Next to my posts, you can also find patterns for download that I offer for free as well as my little shop, where I sell patterns, fabrics and books from my collection. 

My blog is named after my beautiful little black cat Mr. Spinalzo, in case you were wondering 😉 

Black Cat on Couch

My Posts

beaded butterfly on velvet sash

Here you can find all my projects, tipps and tricks.


Here you can find some of my patterns for download for free. 


Here you can find all the items I have for sale. Books, patterns fabric and more.