18th Century Bodice Pattern

I drafted this bodice pattern for my Robe Ă  l’Anglaise back in 2017 and recently reused and tweaked it a bit, since there were some issues with my first version. Read about that in my new blogpost 🙂  You can download version 2.0 of this 18th century bodice pattern down below for free. It is hand-drawn and only comes in my size. You will have to scale it up as well. 

finished 18th century bodice

Pattern and General Information

  • Completed: May 2021
  • Material: Cotton, polyester, Swarovski crystals and beads
  • Measurements with stays on: Waist 71cm, Bust 91cm

Additional Information

I do not provide you with instructions for the pattern, but I have written a blogpost. In case you would like to have some sort of “instructions” you can consult it. Just click on the image below to open the post.


hands with flowers
Making a Springtime 18th Century Dress

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