Welcome to my portfolio page. These are some of my completed projects. Click onto an image to get to the information page where you can find all posts, videos and more information concerning my completed projects. Click on an image to see all the details about the project. 

me wearing chemise and corset front view
Undergarments – 1910s
me with a rose wearing anglaise
English Gown – 18th Century
embroidery details jasmine dress
Casual Jasmine Disney Dress
me between flowers in my anglaise
Springtime 18th Century Dress
photo of me with caraco jacket and flower bouquet
Caraco Jacket – 18th Century
front view 18th century stays
Undergarments – 18th Century
me wearing my medieval fantasy gown
Corseted Fantasy Dress
me in my 1910s dress
1910s Evening Gown