Patterns – FAQ

What can I Expect?

For patterns with only a few pieces, you will get a picture of all pieces with some additional information on it (like a ruler to help with scaling it to size, a few instructions etc.). For patterns with a lot of pieces, I will also add pictures of the individual pieces (also with a ruler to give you an idea of the size).


Be warned and bare in mind, that these patterns are free, I do not put hours and hours into making them. My patterns are hand-drawn, so the lines usually are not 100% straight and even. Seam allowance is symbolized but the line symbolizing it is not accurate. Sometimes, the pattern pieces do not match up perfectly, etc. 


All measurements are in centimetres. Ratios are shown on the photos to help you scale them to the right size. There is only one size, my size, to be exact.

Speaking of the Size?

There is additional information concerning the size on the individual pages for my patterns. I will add my sizing information when wearing the correct undergarments for each pattern. 

As a general information: I am a German size 36/38 and I usually do not have to alter commercial patterns a lot. It seems my body is quite standard…

Seam Allowance?

1 cm of seam allowance is included in all patterns (but the line, that symbolizes that cm, is usually wonky and not measured, so don’t pay too much attention to it). 


There are no instructions included. If you would like to have some sort of «instructions», the corresponding blogposts and videos are linked on the individual pages as well.

Additional Sources and References?

I will also always note my source, if there is one. I.e., there are patterns where I used one of Janet Arnold’s books for reference. If that is the case, it will be mentioned (book, page, etc.). Then you also have the additional information in these books, in case you own them or have access to them.