Fabric and Trim Haul (and some Plans for all the Good Stuff)

Hello everyone 🙂 Yes, a fabric and trim haul – I went a little crazy and bought a lot of fabrics and other stuff in the last months. Well, at least for me it is a huge amount… I bought most of it to sew skirts or shirts, not historical projects, because I am tired of walking into stores and find nothing that suits the style I want or the fit I need. So I decided to buy some fabric and sew garments myself. There are also a few fabrics for historical projects though.

All fabrics are from Buttinette. The trims are from my local fabric store Modesa, they were all on sale.

Some Black Stuff

The first fabric I got is black elastic jersey. I bought one and a half meters of it and this is going to be a shirt with bell shaped sleeves.

The next fabric I bought is black too and it is Javanaise. Almost opaque and perfect for a blouse.

Fabrics for Every Day Clothes

I also bought some cotton. I adore the colour, it’s gorgous! This is going to be a dress in the style of the sixties. I saw a really beautiful dress that unfortunately was too big on me and I want to recreate a similar one with this fabric. I have 2 and a half meters of it.

This navy velour (yes, the photo does not capture the colour…) is part of a skirt I planned on making. I’ll use it for the waistband and to create biastape. I bought half a meter of it. The fabric I’ll pair it with, follows.

This is the fabric I was just talking about. I adore the print, it’s absolutely stunning. I bought 1.5 meters of it and it will be a circle skirt (already working on it).

The next fabric (cotton) was meant to be a pleated skirt but I unfortunately only got half a meter instead of the whole one I ordered. So I have to see, what I’m going to do with that one. But I love the colours, I’m sure I can pair this with lots of other fabrics.

Fabrics for Historically Inspired Projects

The next three fabrics will be turned into historical projects. The first one I initially bought to make a maxidress but it is too thick for my taste (especially for a summer dress). So it is probably going to be a Robe à l’anglaise along with some white cotton. I really adore the pattern. So beautiful. I bought 3 meters of this crêpe.

Of this gorgous green and brown toned flanell I bought 6 meters. It is so soft and I absolutely don’t regret splurging a bit on it. It’s the most expensive among the fabrics I bought. This is going to be an 1890s robe. Still working on the design… I want to pair it with navy velvet.

The last fabric I bought is this vanilla and silver brocade. It’s shiny and beautiful and I can’t wait to work with it. I want to pair it with forest green, wine red or navy velvet and sew something medieval. Have to think about this one again though. I bought 3 meters of it.

The trimms and laces I bought are shown on this last picture. They were all bought in sale and I don’t have much of each. But I’m sure, I can use them on undergarments or thinks like that.

So these are my plans and the fabrics and other things I bought. I’ll try to blog on a schedule from now on and upload a post every friday 🙂 I hope you liked this post and thanks a lot for reading 🤗

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