Fabric Shopping Around the Globe – Denmark

Hello everyone 🙂 It has been a while, I know… Forgot my password, actually… I have not lost interest in this blog though, don’t worry, it was just a year with many changes, a lot of thoughts to process and not that much free time to invest into this blog and sewing due to various reasons. I don’t know, what the future is going to bring, but I will go on trying to post here, on Youtube and my Instagram.

Anyways, I’m here today with the most exciting thing on planet earth: new fabric from countries, that I normally cannot shop from 😛 If you are interested in Japan and Hong Kong, I have a blogpost up about my fabric shopping adventures there.

My boyfriend and I recently visited Denmark, Copenhagen as well as Legoland in Billund, to be precise. And I of course had to visit a fabric shop. And buy something.

Start Difficulties

We had to switch our stays in Copenhagen and Legoland, we initially wanted to stay in Legoland from October 22 to 25th and from the 25 to 27th in Copenhagen. Did not happen because apparently Legoland makes enough money to just close for several days without planning. Our travel agency got a message about a month before our trip that Legoland decided to close and that we could either book other dates or have our money back. I looked the dates up initially and chose these specifically, because it said the park would be open longer in the evenings.

So we had to switch. And stayed in Copenhagen from October 22 until 24th and in Legoland from the 24 to the 27th. A big thank you to our travel agency though, they helped us a great deal and were able to find other flights and the hotel in Copenhagen was also very helpful and changed our booking. I hope, everyone else had the same amount of luck.

Nontheless, we had a lot of fun on our trip 🙂 So let’s start with the fabric shop in Copenhagen as well as some impressions.


Hotel Savoy

In Copenhagen, we stayed in Hotel Savoy which is close to Copenhagen Station (5 to 10 minute walk from the new metro station).

I chose this hotel specifically because of the beautiful Art Nouveau fassade and the elevator, both from 1906. The architect was Anton Rosen.

I love this fassade, so many details… Art Nouveau is amongst my favourites anyways, love how playful, elegant and beautiful everything is. Aesthetic first, right? Here’s some more aesthetic. Inside, you can find a lot of Art Deco elements as well! Look at this elevator from 1906:

The elevator was also absolutely stunning, here are some pictures. If you want to see it in action etc.

I have saved my stories in my Highlights on my Instagram in the category “Architecture”. I will probably also upload a video on Youtube with some more impressions, but it will take time 😉

If you are interested in more details on the history of the building, here you go.

Some other Impressions from Copenhagen

I loved the city. It is so beautiful, clean and has an interesting history. Here are some of my favourite things:

Building in which “Hay” is
Inside of “Hay”
Copenhagen Tivoli
Halloween Decorations Tivoli

The Goods – Stoff & Stil Copenhagen

Ok, now, let’s talk fabric and sewing patterns 😀

Fabric Shopping in Denmark

The fabric shop I visited, Stoff & Stil, was conveniently located between our hotel and Copenhagen Station. I’ve linked you to the UK site of the company, for language reasons, they have shops in several countries. Initially, the company was founded in Herning, Denmark in 1980, so I consider it a danish shop, which suits what I would like to show you.

They launch their own fabric collections and patterns and much more, which is cool. We don’t have it in Switzerland unfortunately, so for me it was new, but maybe some of you know it already 🙂

The photos unfortunately aren’t of the best quality, there was construction work going on and I could not take pictures from the other side of the street… Here’s a sneak peek of the insides:

The Fabric

I was not sure what to buy. They had some lovely brocades, but my suitcase space was very limited and I wanted around 5 metres of brocade. So this was a no thanks to past-me who decided to take the smallest suitcase it could find to Denmark, without thinking about fabric shopping.

So I decided to get some special Jersey instead that would remind me of our trip. It ended up being this beauty:

I bought 2 metres for 219.90 DK, which is around 33 USD. I absolutely adore it, I love and collect bats (plush bats ;)) since years, so this was perfect, also because it was around Halloween. I will make myself a T-shirt and maybe a sweater, I have to think about it for a bit 🙂 Or pajamas… We’ll see 😀

This fabric is called “Isoli m Stretch karry med flagermus ruet” and it’s 95% cotton mixed with 5% elastane. Unfortunately, I could not find it on the website anymore…

The Pattern

Something else I decided to buy is one of their patterns. I went with Number 23153-38 in the size 38, a beautiful v-neck dress that I think will work well for summer or as an evening dress. Unfortunately, they print their patterns in only one size, so if you want 38 and 40, you have to buy too in the respective sizes. Or scale 38 up yourself.

The pattern was 42.95 DK, which is around 6.50 USD, so not expensive at all in my opinion, it makes up for having only one size.

I’ve never worked with a pattern like this, no paper, it’s already cut out from a fleece-like fabric… I’ll keep you updated on my adventure with this 🙂

Btw. on their website, you can find a few free patterns 🙂

Legoland Billund

And just for fun, some Lego as well 😉 This tree impressed me a lot, so I leave you with that:

Lego House

And that’s it! Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Let me know, if you have also visited Copenhagen and what you liked most about the city!

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