Unboxing my Fabulous new American Duchess Shoes

Since I love them so much, I ordered two new pairs of American Duchess Shoes last year, that I would love to show you in this post. If you are interested in my thoughts on the ordering process, the website etc. you can read my 2018 review. I had the same great experience in 2020, I had in 2018 🙂

The box the shoes arrived in seemed very small to me, at first, I was a bit afraid that not both pairs I ordered find in it. But hey, they fit two pairs of shoes into this little box, I was positively surprised 😀 Normally, the boxes used are too big, I like that they used just the right side.

Receiving my new American Duchess. Shoes

Pretty boxes again, I love that these are printed in different colours:

The shoeboxes of my new american duchess shoes

The Fabulous Manhattan Boots

First up, my Manhattan boots in black and grey. I have to say, since I never wore them and always reached for my Camille boots instead, I will probably sell these. But still, I wanted to show them to you, they are glorious <3.

Manhattan boots still packed up

And here it is! I like them a lot. The colour is also very nice, a dark cool grey and black leather.

sideview of the manhattan boots

An Eye for Details – American Duchess Shoes

Look at these <3 the cotton sateen has a wonderful shine and I love the detail around the button wholes. They are so pretty and luxurious. The buttons are attached with elastic, to make closing and opening them easier.

Detail showing the decorated button wholes

The sole does not have a lot of grip, most of their soles don’t. You have to walk them in a bit, to have good grip on the floor.

The sole of my Manhattan boots

The Buttonhook

I also bought a button hook with the shoes, it came in a pretty velvety sachet and the hook itself has a beautiful handle and is nice and heavy in your hands.

A button hook to close your shoes easy and fast

It took me a bit to figure out how that button hook works. But I got the hang of it, it is actually quite easy, once you know how 🙂 A great little helper.

How to replace buttons, Manhattans

I did not need to do this, but if you need to, there is a little card to show you how to move the buttons, if you need more or less room for your calfs 🙂

Sizing of American Duchess Shoes

Sticker on the box of my Manhattans

I bought a size 8.5 since I usually wear a 39. The reviews on the website said that they run true to the size and they fit perfectly.

The Pompadours

Let me preface this by saying, yes, these are my favourite American Duchess Shoes I own. Really. So comfy, so pretty… I love them. So I am kind of biased 😉

They are not available in black anymore, unfortunately, but there is a white version as well as a full leather version on the website.

my new favourites: the pompadours from american duchess

I bought them in black, because black matches everything and I am so happy. The fabric has a wonderful sheen and the sateen bands to do them up complete the picture. The white detail around the sole is very pretty and sophisticated too.

my new favourite american duchess shoes: the pompadours

The pattern on the fabric is really beautiful as well, here is a close up:

fabric detail of the pompadours

My camera doesn’t like macro shots, but you see the texture of the fabric, right? And the sheen 🙂 So pretty…

sole of the pompadours

Since comments on the website said, that they run a bit smaller in size, I sized up and bought myself a size 9. They fit perfectly, so if you want to buy these, sizing up is a good idea.

inside of the pompadours

The insides are leather as well as the sole and I the outside fabric is a damask jacquard, the white version is dyeable 🙂

the pompadour side view

Here you see the beautiful form 😀 The heel is rounded, it’s actually very comfy to walk in these.

the pompadours

As I said, I love these. I wore them twice for half a day, no blisters, no hurting toes, nothing. They are super comfy and look so beautiful, both, with a period dress or a pair of black jeans 😉 They are cool for everyday wear as well. Love them, I highly recommend them.

And that, my dear friends, is it for todays blogpost. I hope you enjoyed and I wish you a good one!


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