What's Next? Some Sewing Plans.

New post and soon a new month with hopefully plenty of time for sewing. I did some alterations and fixed some of the garments I own for the last two weeks, so I don’t have progress to share. For the next two months I already have some sewing plans and these are what I’d like to discuss in this post.

Some Pictures First

The first thing I’d like to show you are pictures of me wearing the summer maxidress I made about two weeks ago. I’ve been wearing it out and I am in love with it. If you want to know how I made this dress, follow this link.

It was a really hot day and I was afraid, that I would be boiling in all the fabric but it was actually quite ok.

I also (again) did some shopping… I’ll set myself a fabric buying ban for the rest of the year… I have enough for at least four more projects and I’ll never be able to complte these within 2017. Feel free to call me out should I again buy fabric. Trims and stuff like that are not included in my ban since I tend to buy these as soon as I start a project specifically for it.

The Montgolfière Dress

The next project that is inspired by historical garments is already planned. I stumbeled across an absolutely stunning Redingote and immediately felt the need to make a similar garment. The dress is dated 1786-1789 and from an anonymous artist from the Netherlands. You can find more details on the page of Rijks Museum. A Redingote is a usually double breasted coat with a wide collar inspired by menswear. I came up with air as the theme for it. I’d like to make it my own and nothing makes me feel more alive than watching natures unleashed power. I enjoy sitting on my balcony while a storm is raging and raindrops are flying like bullets, while clouds are racing and waves grow bigger and bigger.

This is my first attempt on the air design, featuring the Montgolfier brothers balloon, that has risen in 1783 (I thought this would be a nice detail since the dress is from the 1780s too). I would also like to incorporate waves, ships and a windlike line design. I’m no pro in embroidery and a little bit afraid of all of these embroidered designs. But the best way to get good at something is to do it a lot, right?

The Materials for it

Below you can see the fabric I bought for this project. The original dress is made from olive green and pale pink silk. For air I decided to go with champaign and a light blue. Since silk would pass my budget, I went with satin. This was about 4.50 $ per meter and they are from Buttinette. I bought 5 meters of the blue satin and seven of the champaign one since the coat will be lined with the champaign satin. The skirt beneath will also mostly be done with the champaign satin. I hope it is enough. If not, I can still cheat and use something else for the back of the skirt, since it will not be visible.

For this project I also already bought beads and embroidery floss (it’s going to be a little bit sparkly). I will finish my set of 18th century undergarments before starting with this and also do some embroidery samples but it is definitely the next project I want to do.

That is all on this project I have for now.

A Dress for my Sis, more Fabric and Plans

I would also like to attempt measuring someone other than me and that is what I’m goint to use the following fabric for:

The dress is for my sister and I hope it’ll work out. She’ll be measured today and we will decide for a design and then I’ll try a to make a mock up.

I bought more fabric…  This one is for my Robe à l’Anglaise. I misused the creme coloured fabric with the rose print, I planned to use for it, to make my maxidress. So, some stripes since stripes were quite fashionable in the 18th century.

The last thing I plan on doing is finishing this circle skirt that I started half a year ago.

Thanks a lot for reading about my sewing plans, I hope you enjoyed.

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