Making a Robe à l‘Anglaise – Singin‘ in the Rain

Hello everyone! Welcome to the last post on my Robe à l’Anglaise. My boyfriend and I went outside to take some pretty pictures as soon as the sun began to shine. The weatherforecast for today was quite bad. And yes, we got soaked.

If you’d like to know how I made this costume, you can find some construction notes here:

All fabric is from Buttinette and the beads and feathers are from the Bastelzentrum Bern.

Hair and Make Up

For my make up I went with the same solution I used last time. I did a “natural” face to cover some imperfections and take away the shine for the pictures. Then I applied far too much blush and some red lipstick as a compromise between today and the 1780s. They wore their make up proudly back then…

For my hair… Well… Let me face the truth: I have no talent. But I tried my best and it looks at least like something. But nothing like the pretty hairdo I tried to copy. Applause to my hairspray, it saved my creation until we were done with the pictures.

Head to the Woods

For the photos, I decided that the forest next to my village would be great now that it is all golden, green, brown and red. We were strolling towards the woods nearby and after about half of our way it began to drip. And then a cloudburst. I had my hat, it was wet after we reached the woods and so was the lower part of my dress, the toppart was luckily protected by my trenchcoat. My boyfriend did not have that much luck, he was wet. The rain stopped more or less when we reached the forest and we managed to take some pictures before it started again. After the first few drops, we decided to leave.

It started to rain more heavy again. Luckily, there was a nice elderly couple in a car that gave us a lift back. It was all in all quite funny and I really like the pictures we took. Maybe we’ll try again. This time with an umbrella!

Sooo, many thanks to my boyfriend for this adventure and the pretty pictures. And thanks to you for reading, I hope, you’ll enjoy the photos. Next I will dive into the 19th century :).

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