Making a Renaissance Inspired Ensemble – Final Part

Hello everyone 🤗 I’ve finally finished my renaissance inspired ensemble. I’ll share making the sleeves, the last adjustments and accessories as well as pictures some pictures of me wearing everything.

All fabric for this project was bought on The sequins are from a local craftstore and the beads as well as the beautiful rose pendant are from Bastelzentrum Bern. The trim is from Spitzen und Borten and the clasp is from Etsy, but I really don’t remember the seller.

You can find all previous posts on this project here:

Tackling the Sleeves

On to the final tasks that were left to do on this project:

For the sleeves I used the same pattern I made for my Belle inspired shirt. I made the sleeves a bit longer and had to adjust the upper part a bit, after I made a mock up.

The base of the sleeves was cut out from golden velvet. Then I used organza, green velvet and the trim already used on the coat to cover it.

For the cuffs, I cut out two rectangles of each organza and green velvet. I put the organza beneath for stability. Both sides were gathered and then I sewed the two sides onto the golden velvet. The second seem was placed a centimeter lover than it naturally would have been to make it look a bit more puffy.

Then I added the first stripe of my trim and sewed it on. The second was sewn on, after I repeated the process of making a green velvet cuff and sewed that one on. Then I cut out the organza. I placed it over the golden velvet and traced the shape and made it a bit bigger for poof.

I gathered both sides and sewed the organza onto the golden velvet.

Finishing Touches and Detail Shots

After this step, I sewed the sleeves together, wrong sides facing each other. I didnt line the sleeves but I will add bias tape where I sewed it into the armopenings, it’s kind of scratchy. Turning them over was a bit of a challange… Then I attached the sleeves to the dress. After this, with the exception of some smaller corrections and some more beads, the costume was finished. Some details below:

Yep, That’s Me

And that is it for my renaissance inspired ensemble 🤗 Below you can find some pictures my boyfriend made 🙂 I hope you enjoyed, thanks a lot for reading!

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